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> > > >Unknown scale - GP03 Stamen & Dendrobium 10000yen
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> > > Hmm. Anyone want to guess about the scale? For 10000 yen it
> > > could be 1/100.
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> >I don't think so. At 1/100 the un-armed dimensions would be 2.4'
> >long (4.6' with the gun), 1.2' tall, and 2' wide! That makes the
> >model far more massive than the PG Zeta! I seriously doubt that
> >Bandai is
> >planing on giving away that much plastic for 10,000
> Maybe so, but cost isn't just a factor of an amount of plastic, but
> also the complexity and number of parts required. The booster is
> big, but it probably would require fewer parts than your average
> MG kit (though much larger ones).

Well, there are a few things to consider here.

1- I think you underestimate the complexity of the booster unit. I
have the 1/220 resin, and it is a lot more than just a couple of
simple boxes. There are a lot of parts that would require
considerable engineering to break-up into injection molded parts.
Designing a kit of this magnitude, that is able to support the weight
of all the parts in 1/100 styrene, would be quite a task, and require
as much engineering as a perfect grade.

2- Some of the parts required to make this kit in 1/100 would either
be quite a bit larger than anything that Bandai has (to my knowledge)
previously injection molded, or have to be broken up into several
smaller assemblies thus pushing the part count up to the level of a
PG kit.

3- There is absolutely no precedent for Bandai putting out a 1/100
MA. In point of fact, Bandai usually feels that 1/220 is a rather
large scale for a MA, and tends to prefer 1/550.

> >More than likely the are thinking about a 1/144 version, though
> >even that would be rather a lot of plastic for the money.
> At the same time, 10000 yet seems like a lot for a 1/220 scale
> model (like the resin kit that's already out there). 1/144 may be
> the happy medium here.

I don't know. I would love to see a 1/220 Dendrobium for only
10,000, seeing as how I paid 68,000 for the 1/220 (resin) I am
currently building. I think there might be a misconception about how
big the Dendrobium actually is. My 1/220 Dendrobium is a larger kit
than my 1/144 Neo-Geo, Nightengale, or G3. In fact the only 1/144 kit
I own that is bigger than the 1/220 Dendrobium, is an oddball
Kobayashi design, that towers over a lot of my 1/100 kits.

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