Peter Savin (
Mon, 15 May 2000 19:32:48 -0700

> The following information have not yet been officially
> announced/acknowledged by Bandai but the information comes from a
> reliable inside source with a great track record.

Those Bandai toads consistently release stuff right after I've spent large
amounts of time/money on the same darn MS's!:

> 1/100 Kaempfer

Just bought a very expensive resin kit....

> 1/100 Type 100 - January 2001 release

Just spent hundreds of hours covering the old kit with gold foil..

> 1/100 Full Armour ZZ Gundam

Another very expensive (and not that great) resin kit I recently bought.
Several hundred dollars and several hundred q-tips later....grrr! Anyone
else like the AMX-107 Bawoo? Maybe if I scratchbuild a 1/100 version,
Bandai will release a MG right when I finish! :)

Cool stuff, though...

Peter Savin

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