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Blackeagle wrote:
> Maybe so, but cost isn't just a factor of an amount of plastic, but also the
> complexity and number of parts required. The booster is big, but it
> probably would require fewer parts than your average MG kit (though much
> larger ones).

Actually Bandia injection kits are very consistent with price per weight
of plastic. Details also affect the final price, but that's because more
details = more parts/runners = more weight. (of course you pay extra for
extra gimmicks like transparent/chrome parts) You can go from FG, HG, MG
to PG, price per weight is pretty much the same. The old Dodai YS kit is
an example of a simple low details kit that's expensive because of its

> At the same time, 10000 yet seems like a lot for a 1/220 scale model (like
> the resin kit that's already out there). 1/144 may be the happy medium
> here.

10000 Yens for a 12" long kit sounds reasonable, depending on details. I
won't be too surprised even if it turns out to be 1/330.

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