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Yeah, unfortunately many of the Gundam kits lately tend to focus on the
Gundams and main enemy MS and on little else. I hope that the Wing MSIAs
actually go beyond the range of the model kits and give us Magnuac and
As for MAs, there's that cool Big Zam toy...I think a lot of Mobile armors
are way too big and bulky to be plastic kits, hence their state as
Resin-cast thingys. But since MSIA does'nt really cater to traditional model
kit physics, maybe we'll see some cool stuff in the MSIA line.
As for GMs, I would really like to see some more 0080 and 0083 variants in
plastic kit form.

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> GM's deserve more attention, so do Mobile Armors, and a lot of the mass
> produced GW mecha as well.
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