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Well, there was a rumor that it was going to be on Monday, but apparentally
that is'nt true...we're still getting reruns.

BTW this is my first post....
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> << I got some interesting news from a website user and now apparently
> confirmed
> by Ex.Org:
> "However, look for ENDLESS WALTZ to air on the Cartoon Network after
> WING finishes its first airing. Due to the violence, it's only going to
> aired in the midnight slot, so set your VCR..."
> Well, they where either misinformed or Bandai/CN changed their minds,
> the last GW episode was this past Thursday and on both the 5:30 and
> showing on Friday, where the first episode. This is beside the point, but
> HAD an episode 50 listed for this past Friday. A lot of
> people, including me, thought this meant EW was to be show. You aren't,
> no one is at fault just because they believed EW would be shown. With the
> Internet stuff changes faster then eye blinks, even Official sites are
> sometimes wrong.
> My user said he saw Endless Waltz air right after the last episode of
> Wing on Thursday Night. He didn't say whether it ran in its entirety or
> whether they just ran the first 30 minute episode (I'm waiting for a
> response from him). Anyhow, I was wondering if *anyone* can actually
> confirm this. My user "swears" he saw it...but I've been getting alot of
> "flakes" recently since Wing started... :)
> Assuming it ran 1 episode at a time, the last episode should air on
> Midnight slot...can someone set their VCRs to confirm that it is running
> or after the Gundam Wing 12:00 Midnight slot? I don't get CN up here in
> Canada... :( >>
> I assure you EW is not being shown and your source is wrong. EW was not
> shown this past Friday's Midnight run or Thursdays, all I got was GW
> 1.
> Aaron
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