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<< I got some interesting news from a website user and now apparently
 by Ex.Org:
 "However, look for ENDLESS WALTZ to air on the Cartoon Network after GUNDAM
 WING finishes its first airing. Due to the violence, it's only going to be
 aired in the midnight slot, so set your VCR..."

  Well, they where either misinformed or Bandai/CN changed their minds, as
the last GW episode was this past Thursday and on both the 5:30 and Midnight
showing on Friday, where the first episode. This is beside the point, but HAD an episode 50 listed for this past Friday. A lot of
people, including me, thought this meant EW was to be show. You aren't, but
no one is at fault just because they believed EW would be shown. With the
Internet stuff changes faster then eye blinks, even Official sites are
sometimes wrong.
 My user said he saw Endless Waltz air right after the last episode of Gundam
 Wing on Thursday Night. He didn't say whether it ran in its entirety or
 whether they just ran the first 30 minute episode (I'm waiting for a
 response from him). Anyhow, I was wondering if *anyone* can actually
 confirm this. My user "swears" he saw it...but I've been getting alot of
 "flakes" recently since Wing started... :)
 Assuming it ran 1 episode at a time, the last episode should air on Monday's
 Midnight slot...can someone set their VCRs to confirm that it is running in
 or after the Gundam Wing 12:00 Midnight slot? I don't get CN up here in
 Canada... :( >>

I assure you EW is not being shown and your source is wrong. EW was not being
shown this past Friday's Midnight run or Thursdays, all I got was GW episode


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