Robert Fleming (
Mon, 15 May 2000 13:16:55 -0700

Okay I know better than to let my neighbor what my house while I was gone,
he sent his kids to feed the fish and plants . They went into my hobbies
room 48 Macross veritechs a couple of Destroids and a 13 Gundams (Mostly
customs i just started these models and like them) sitting nicely on
shelves. Can you guess what happened????? Okay i am majorly hosed. Now I am
painfull rebuilding and repairing what I can but 2 Customs are toast
LITERALLY, they used model rocket engines to allow them to JUMP real high
and I have 6 models in the top of one of my trees. Veritechs and 2 customs
so hopefully I can get them down without further damage. Here is my
questions any idea where I can get more Custom units, and or parts for the
Macross veritechs? My local Stores have no Gundam stuff anymore, I have
posted on Yahoo and Ebay for parts for the Macross units. Any tips would be
helpful. I am using putty to repair some of the stuff but does anyone knoe
of a structural material to reinforce damaged joints except 5 tone poxy,
stuff is nasty to work with.


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