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My favorite was the Char and Amuro final fight in the first gundam, second
probably is the Char and Amuro Fight in Char's Counterattack, Third, Kou and
Gato in the Gp01-Gp02, the final one with the Neue Ziel and Gp03 Denobrium
just seemed to big a battle :)
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Subject: [gundam] Best mecha duel?

>I'm new here, so please don't flame me if this thread's been done
>before, but I think this is a cool question.
>Having just seen Zero vs. Epyon in the last ep. of GW, I wanted to know
>what you guys think is the best mecha/MS duel you've ever seen. Zero
>vs. Epyon was pretty cool, but I'd have to say the first time
>Maximillian/Max and Milia/Miriya dueled (when Hikaru/Rick wasin the
>hospital) in Macross was the most memorable for me. An oldie, but a
>goodie. That was probably the first time I saw a duel occur in three
>dimensions, and as a kid in the 80's watching Robotech, it was just mind
>blowing. Feel free to list out your favorites.
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