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Chris Upchurch asks,

>1: After the AEUG got their hands on all 3 Gundam Mk. IIs, why did they
>disassemble two of them? Since they?re better than the Rick Dias, why not
>use all three in combat? What did they do with the disassembled Gundams?

  Anaheim Electronics, the AEUG's sponsor and arms supplier, dissected
them for research purposes. Look at it this way. If you use all three in
combat, you have three high-tech mobile suits. If you take them apart and
figure out how they're built, you can learn enough to create an unlimited
number of equally good mobile suits. As it happens, the Z Gundam is about
the only result, but it was a good theory. :-)

>2: What is the design lineage of the Rick Dias? Does it have any ancestors
>in the 0079-0083 era?

  As its name suggests, it's inspired by the Rick Dom, but otherwise its
closest ancestors are the GP series Gundams seen in Gundam 0083. These
were Anaheim's first mobile suits (created in part by ex-Zeon engineers),
and they incorporate concepts like manuevering "binders" that are later
used in the Rick Dias and other Z Gundam designs.

>3: Who built the Agahama? (don?t know if I spelled that right)

  It was supposedly constructed at Sweetwater, an AEUG stronghold. (When
Z Gundam was on the air, Sweetwater was supposed to be a small "Island
One" type colony, but it never appeared on screen. In Char's
Counterattack, a weird ramshackle hybrid colony of the same name is
Char's base; not clear whether it's meant to be the same Sweetwater.)

  While Anaheim exec Melanie Hughes Carbine named the Ahgama, I'm not
certain whether Anaheim actually built the ship...

-- Mark

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