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Sun, 14 May 2000 20:41:51 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 14 May 2000 20:30:56 -0700, gundam@aeug.org wrote:

> At 19:53 5/14/2000, you wrote:
> >Once I got to the good tapes, I was surprised by the quality of the
> >animation. Even though Zeta is the first Gundam sequel, the animation
> >much closer to the later series I've seen than it is to the original MS
> >Gundam.
> When it was first announced that Gundam was being exported, I felt that Z

> Gundam was the best entry point for American viewers, because it's
> full-tilt Gundam the way the Master wrote it and the animation was at
> as good as anything brought over to date.

But we're still waiting for that announcement...

I wonder if Zeta would fly with the folks at CN?


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