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At 19:53 5/14/2000, you wrote:
>Once I got to the good tapes, I was surprised by the quality of the
>animation. Even though Zeta is the first Gundam sequel, the animation is
>much closer to the later series I've seen than it is to the original MS

When it was first announced that Gundam was being exported, I felt that Z
Gundam was the best entry point for American viewers, because it's
full-tilt Gundam the way the Master wrote it and the animation was at least
as good as anything brought over to date.

>Now, I've got a few unanswered questions:
>1: After the AEUG got their hands on all 3 Gundam Mk. IIs, why did they
>disassemble two of them? Since they're better than the Rick Dias, why not
>use all three in combat? What did they do with the disassembled Gundams?

Battle damage. At some point during the first five episodes, every one of
the three Mk.II prototypes suffered some crippling damage or other. Not
being in a position to get spare parts, the AEUG cannibalized Mk.II 01 and
02 to make 03 fully operational. Thereafter, Mk.II 03 became THE Mk.II,
with the other two reduced to spare parts.

>2: What is the design lineage of the Rick Dias? Does it have any ancestors
>in the 0079-0083 era?

All of my relevant references are still packed up, so I'll have to pass on
this one.

>3: Who built the Agahama? (don't know if I spelled that right)


>I'm trying to get my hands on the rest of the series, but finding fansubs of
>the later episodes, especially 21-30, seems to be almost impossible. Can
>anyone give me any help here?

Not on this list. If you open your Web browser and type the word "fansub"
into the Address Bar, your default search engine will return any number of
places. If you find a Fansub Web Ring, you're halfway there.


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