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> Well, I just got through watching Zeta Gundam and Iíve got a few
> comments.
> First I have to say, Quatro Bajina kicks ass!!!

Yep. Char found out that Cool sungrlasses beats dangy old mask any day of
the week.

> The writers certainly have a habit of killing off
> secondary characters, just like Iíd heard.

This is "Kill 'em All" Tomino at his best.

> I liked the fact that they let the viewer get to know the
> characters they kill off over several episodes before they
> blow them away.

What is the point of blowing a whole bunch of character you never know? You
have to be invested emotionally before they can fully harvest the fruit of

> Now, Iíve got a few unanswered questions:
> 1: After the AEUG got their hands on all 3 Gundam Mk. IIs, why did they
> disassemble two of them? Since theyíre better than the Rick Dias, why
> not use all three in combat? What did they do with the disassembled
> Gundams?

To better study the moving frame technology. AEUG's primary aim at stealing
thosee Gundams is not to field them in combat. They need to understand the
technological edge the Titans has over them, and replicate it. 2 of the
Gundams were disassembled for study purpose, and then serve as spare parts
for the active mobile suit.

> 2: What is the design lineage of the Rick Dias? Does it have any
> ancestors in the 0079-0083 era?

Rick Dias's bulky looking frame does bring to mind Gelgoog and Dom. Anaheim
Electronic further enhanced this mobile suit into Dijeh (Amuro's personal
mobile suit in Zeta), and later sold an upgraded version Sturm Dias to the
Axis (you've got to pay to bills for all these wars).

> 3: Who built the Agahama? (donít know if I spelled that right)

Anaheim Electronics.

> Iím trying to get my hands on the rest of the series, but finding
> fansubs of the later episodes, especially 21-30, seems to be almost
> impossible. Can anyone give me any help here?

If you read Chinese, the Chinese sub vcd are fairly easy to come by.

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