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Sun, 14 May 2000 19:53:24 MST

Well, I just got through watching Zeta Gundam and Iíve got a few comments.

First I have to say, Quatro Bajina kicks ass!!!

Unfortunately, the quality of the first two tapes (episodes 1-8) was so bad,
they were nearly unwatchable. I made it through them, but I may have missed
some of the more subtle plot points.

Once I got to the good tapes, I was surprised by the quality of the
animation. Even though Zeta is the first Gundam sequel, the animation is
much closer to the later series Iíve seen than it is to the original MS

I thought the plot was pretty good. The pacing seemed a bit slow, but that
may be because this is my first exposure to a full length Gundam TV series
(aside from GW). The writers certainly have a habit of killing off
secondary characters, just like Iíd heard. I liked the fact that they let
the viewer get to know the characters they kill off over several episodes
before they blow them away.

The mecha designs were good. I noticed some resemblance between the Gundam
Mk. II and the RX-78NT-1. It makes the Alex a pretty nice retroactive mecha

Now, Iíve got a few unanswered questions:

1: After the AEUG got their hands on all 3 Gundam Mk. IIs, why did they
disassemble two of them? Since theyíre better than the Rick Dias, why not
use all three in combat? What did they do with the disassembled Gundams?

2: What is the design lineage of the Rick Dias? Does it have any ancestors
in the 0079-0083 era?

3: Who built the Agahama? (donít know if I spelled that right)

Iím trying to get my hands on the rest of the series, but finding fansubs of
the later episodes, especially 21-30, seems to be almost impossible. Can
anyone give me any help here?

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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