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> 18" = 457.2mm, which works out to a 70,000:1 scale for a space colony
> model. You'd need a magnifying class to make out the interior detail but
> the exterior detail would be OK. At this scale, a Doros Class ship would
> be about a millimeter long, which is why I think we need to step it up to
> 50,000:1 -- you could then have one of each of the major ships and a
> "functional" docking bay in the 640mm (2-foot) space colony in which to
> dock them!
> Mobile Fleet in Thimble...?
> MS would, of course, be microscopic at any of these scales. If we scale
> to millimeter MS, we come in around 15,000:1. At that scale, a Doros
> ship would be about 30mm -- a little over an inch. But the colony would
> 2,133mm long -- nearly 7 feet!
> I, for one, couldn't find a place in my home for anything over three feet
> (36" or 914.4mm) long. That works out to about 35,000:1 scale and gives
> a Doros Class ship in the 2mm range and, again, microscopic MS. But you
> could have a millimetric White Base and all the other Gundam ships of the
> line, good detail both inside and out, and a centerpiece for your model
> collection.
> On the other hand, if you want TWO colony models, one for the standard
> "open type" colony and one for the Zeon "closed type" colony, the 70,000:1
> scale looks like the sweet spot.

Or you can just go for the 1:144 model and take a year or two to build it.
It'll be cool to house a couple of your mobile suits in them...

~Andy Lee

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