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Neil Baumgardner writes,

>Would this happen to be the same Killing of 0080 fame? Of course if we
>this with MS Era, it would appear his second suicide attempt was a success.

  Nope, different Killing. The 0080 guy is three ranks lower, and he's a
member of the Mobile Assault Force (and a Giren-worshipping fanatic to boot).

>I thought it was the Zeon Marines that did this type of work. Any indication
>what the Marines' relationship to the other Zeon units were? Were they part
>of the MAF, SAF, or neither? If MAF, were they part of the 1st Division?
>were they any bigger than Cima's c30 MS force?

  All good questions. Since the Marines hadn't been invented when all
this stuff was being written up (i.e. the first half of the '80s, ten
years before 0083 was made), it's not clear how they relate to the rest
of the Zeon military. We're told they report to Kishiria, so they must be
somewhere under the Mobile Assault Force umbrella.

  The claim that the 1st Mobile Infantry Division did the colony gas
attacks goes back to the comic MS Senki (written by Masaya Takahashi,
one-third of the Streambase team who came up with the MSV backstory and
most of the details of Zeon's military organization). I guess you could
reconcile this by theorizing that Cima's crew started out in the 1st
M.I.D., and were subsequently spun out into the Marines when the infantry
division was reorganized into the Earth Attack Force.

  It's not clear whether there were any other Marines (though I like to
think that the multitalented Cyclops Team might fall under this
category). But the recent MSV Collection File does state that the Gelgoog
Marine is just one of many custom mobile suits created for this elite corps.

-- Mark

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