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> > >British is carried out by Space Attack Force and Mobile Attack Force.
> >
> > That's right. I'm not clear exactly what role the Mobile Assault Force
> > played, though - I have a hunch that the 1st Mobile Infantry Division
> > used for the dangerous, dirty work of reinforcing the colony cylinder
> > attaching the engines. They seem to have been stuck with crap work like
> > gassing colonies and combat engineering, before the Zeons realized the
> > true combat potential of the mobile suit.
> I thought it was the Zeon Marines that did this type of work. Any
> indication what the Marines' relationship to the other Zeon units
> were? Were they part of the MAF, SAF, or neither? If MAF, were they
> part of the 1st Division? Also, were they any bigger than Cima's c30
> MS force?

All I know is that the "Marines" are part of MAF. As seen in the OP of
Giren's Greed, the Marine monikor describes their operating range, from
Space to Earth (Cima and her troops were shown to be on Earth). It is
highly likely that they are part of 1st Mobile Infantry Division, since
Cima's speciality is the dirty works, and she clearly has experience on
colony drop (quite possibly THE only reason Delaz included her in Stardust).

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