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M. R. Hannibal asks,

>Does anyone out there know who planned Operation British? "Giren's Ambition"
>makes it out that Delaz planned it, with Giren's blessing.

  I think it just has Delaz proposing a _second_ Operation British, much
later in the war.

  As for the original Operation British, the Shin Matsunaga comic from
Hobby Japan's RPG Magazine Great depicts the operation as being directed
by Giren, and commanded by Lieutenant General Killing J. Dannigan of the
Space Attack Force. (The comic's creators seem to have borrowed this bit
from Entertainment Bible 39.) After the operation fails, Killing attempts
suicide by poison, and Dozul is assigned to try the operation once more.
This second attempt turns into the Battle of Ruum, where the colony drop
is thwarted but the Federation fleet is wiped out.

Rodrick Su writes,

>Although Operation British bears resemblance to Stardust, there is just one
>problem. Delaz is in rear line defense fleet.

  Actually not - he was part of the Space Attack Force. So he could well
have participated in Operation British.

>British is carried out by Space Attack Force and Mobile Attack Force.

  That's right. I'm not clear exactly what role the Mobile Assault Force
played, though - I have a hunch that the 1st Mobile Infantry Division was
used for the dangerous, dirty work of reinforcing the colony cylinder and
attaching the engines. They seem to have been stuck with crap work like
gassing colonies and combat engineering, before the Zeons realized the
true combat potential of the mobile suit.

-- Mark

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