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>> To really do it justice, you'd need a 3D diorama of streets and buildings
>> on the interior, with little plastic blocks for the buildings and maybe
>> some squares of AstroTurf for the parks and other greenery. And, of
>> courseer gal reflective foil for the mirrors. I think a 50,000:1 scale,
>> resulting in a model two feet long, would be marketable. Didn't AMT
>> market Star Trek models that size?
>Not quite, the biggest AMT Trek model is about 18" long. Of course, all the
>AMT Trek stuff basically sucks, I think many Gundam modelers don't know how
>good they have it. :)

I think the Babylon 5 model also checks in at about 18" -- that lets them
do the main body in only two sections, split lengthwise, within the
confines of a reasonably sized box.

18" = 457.2mm, which works out to a 70,000:1 scale for a space colony
model. You'd need a magnifying class to make out the interior detail but
the exterior detail would be OK. At this scale, a Doros Class ship would
be about a millimeter long, which is why I think we need to step it up to
50,000:1 -- you could then have one of each of the major ships and a
"functional" docking bay in the 640mm (2-foot) space colony in which to
dock them!

Mobile Fleet in Thimble...?

MS would, of course, be microscopic at any of these scales. If we scale it
to millimeter MS, we come in around 15,000:1. At that scale, a Doros Class
ship would be about 30mm -- a little over an inch. But the colony would be
2,133mm long -- nearly 7 feet!

I, for one, couldn't find a place in my home for anything over three feet
(36" or 914.4mm) long. That works out to about 35,000:1 scale and gives us
a Doros Class ship in the 2mm range and, again, microscopic MS. But you
could have a millimetric White Base and all the other Gundam ships of the
line, good detail both inside and out, and a centerpiece for your model

On the other hand, if you want TWO colony models, one for the standard
"open type" colony and one for the Zeon "closed type" colony, the 70,000:1
scale looks like the sweet spot.


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