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Tomonaga wrote:

> >Actually, there were just two, Gato's Doroa was the second.
> According to the Gundam Millenium site, there were three documented
> Doros class ships.
> CV-65 Doros
> CV-66(?) Midro
> CV-67(?) Dorowa
> Midro is from the novel, and is reported to be the second Doros class
> ship. (Because Doros is CV-65, the designation CV-66 and CV-67 were
> derived from this info)

I was basing this off of the discussion I had with Mark Simmons on this
website and the numbers for the Zeon fleet. Apparantly, Entertainment Bible
39 and Hobby Japan's Gundam RPG state that Zeon had only two Doros-class
carriers (IMO making the Midro the odd one out), as well as 8 Gwazin
battleships, 40 Chibe heavy cruisers, and 100 Musai light cruisers:

    Neil Baumgardner

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