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At 12:53 5/13/2000, you wrote:
>Another thing that migh be nice is a Colony model (it'd have to be like
>1/100,000 scale though).

That'd give you a colony model about a foot long -- 320mm -- on par with
the 1:60 MS models. I think a colony deserves something at least half
again or twice that size, in order to get any kind of visible detail.

To really do it justice, you'd need a 3D diorama of streets and buildings
on the interior, with little plastic blocks for the buildings and maybe
some squares of AstroTurf for the parks and other greenery. And, of
courseer gal reflective foil for the mirrors. I think a 50,000:1 scale,
resulting in a model two feet long, would be marketable. Didn't AMT
market Star Trek models that size?

At the 10,000:1 scale used for most maps, all they'd have to do is cut
strips from a Tokyo or New York City map and put sticky backing on them to
get a very realistic interior. But that'd result is a model over three
meters long -- about 10 feet -- which would only be practical for trade shows.


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