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Sun, 14 May 2000 14:24:18 -0700

If anyone tries clicking the links and they keep bringing up the first
image, manually cut and paste the address into your browser .. for some
reason the HTML in his message (HTML messages == bad) are all linking to the
same image.

Now, as for the MG RX-79 ... I WANT! I WANT!
08th MS is one of my favorites, and just look at all the goodies you get
with this one ... think we'll get an Ez8? I could dig that =)

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Subject: [gundam] Re: BB GP-03 Pictures!!

Fianlly, Dedrobium pictures are up at ehobbyland! It looks awsume! I have
couple of them ordered form HLJ, I can't wait till I get hands on it. I
wander if Bandia's gonna do Neue Ziel. Once again it has to have something
to fight with.
ehobby also had some Generation Zero pics and MG RX-79 pics.
Anyway, here's links..

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