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> > What would you have done diffently to ensure victory? A second
> > colony drop?
> > Assign different commanders to vital posts? (ex. make Delaz commander of
> > Earth Assault Forces instead of Garma) What? I really would like to know.
> > Also, tell us why your changes would have worked.
> >
> 1. Stop the obsession with Super Weapons. Stick with what works during the
> One Week War, good ship maneuver, mobile suits. Don't divert resources to
> build Colony Laser, un-mass producible mobile armor and for god sake, not
> the Doros ship. You think it can take out a whole squadron of ship by it
> self, you can probably field 2 squadron of ship with the cost of developing
> and making one Doros.
> 2. Adequately re-enforce your frontline. Solomon, a major strategic
> stronghold falls because you didn't send re-enforcement when Douzel ask for
> them.
> 3. Trust Douzel, who is a good frontline general, but does not have the
> ambition of usurping you. Keep Kishiria in check.
> 4. Garma is NOT the problem with the Earth Attack Force. He is just a
> figurehead, and not actively involved in that theater. However, it would
> appear that Kishiria's people are running that front. Getting Delaz to
> oversee the front is probably a good idea. But holding Earth is never the
> primary aim anyhow. There are 2 reasons for invading Earth. A: getting the
> much needed resource off from Earth to replenished the depleted Zeon
> Military. B: knocking out Jaburo. If Delaz is running the show, Jaburo
> might have fall.
> 5. Get better intelligence with Federation's Victory Project. Pay special
> attention to E-Cap and Lunar Titanium technology. Your own effort are far
> behind schedule. Why not try to steal it.
6. Be sure that your saboteurs know what season in Australia is.

7. Be sure that your officers aren't long lost friends who now want you
and your family dead.

8. Destroy a Side before your Zakus fail to destroy that pesky
Federation MS protype.

9. Kill the Zakurello designer.

10. Don't send less than fifty Zakus aganist that flying horse.

11. Forget about those Flanagan children.

L'amore non Ŕ solo passione. E' rispetto, fiducia, accettazione,
desiderio di cambiare senza esserne costretti.
L'amore non Ŕ la ricerca della sicurezza nelle braccia dell'altro. E' il
piangere per la sofferenza altrui e la comprensione di quella sofferenza
come propria. Chi fugge senza combattere non merita l'amore e non
possiederÓ mai quello vero. Chi non pu˛ che soggiogare o essere
soggiogato non comprenderÓ mai la purezza del vero amore.
Chi combatte sino all'ultimo, sacrificandosi, potrÓ perdere l'altro ma
non l'amore che alberga nel proprio cuore, il tesoro di ci˛ che la
propria anima pu˛ dare.

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