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>Ok, we've had this discussion a month or three ago. Here's the deal:
>Apparently in Japan, you put all the cool stuff on the prototype, making it
>as tough as possible (ie, the Gundam). From there, you see what you can
>strip off to get a balance of performance vs. cost (hence, the GM, which
>some say stands for Gundam Massproduced, but nothing official has been said
>on this). Of each individual Gundam, usually only 1 or 2 were produced. The
>RX-79(G) being the exception here, and some also say (and I happen to
>agree) that the RGZ-91 ReGZ (Refined Gundam Zeta) was the other. And of
>course, the Gundam X series has them all over the place (I still love that
>opening scene with all those Gundams and all those colonies dropping on
>Earth, not realistic, but very exciting).

Pretty good explanation, but I think you ought to replace "in Japan" with
"in the Gundam Universe". IRL I think the Japanese tend to favor a more
evolutionary improvement process (make each successive model just a little
bit better than the one before it) rather than the revolutionary improvment
process we see in the Gundam universe.

>The RX-79(G)s (the Gundam from 08th MS Team), were made mostly from parts
>left over from the V Project's construction of early prototypes (which
>would be later taken into space). Kind of a lame excuse IMO, but a
>forgivable one as 08th MS Team is one of my favorite Gundam series.

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