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>Bearing in mind that I got into Gundam before Wing was broadcast (still
>seen it), can someone please answer some questions I haven't quite figured
>1) Exactly what is Axis?
> I kind of gather it's where the Zeon seperatist survivors fled to
>after OYW,
>but what is the "Axis Advance Fleet" out of 0083? Are they and the Delaz
>just different factions of the survivors? One went to Axis, Delaz stayed
>to Earth?

To explain Axis, you first have to know about the Jupiter Energy Fleet. The
minovski fusion reactors in the Gundam universe run on the Helium-3 isotope.
  He-3 is extremely rare on earth, but it does exist in quantity in
Jupiter's atmosphere. The Jupiter Energy Fleet extracts He-3 from Jupiter
and ships it back to the Earth Sphere.

Axis is an asteroid which has been turned into a waystation for the Jupiter
Energy Fleet. It was sort of a pit stop on the long ride between Earth and
Jupiter. Later, they added thermonuclear pulse engines to Axis, allowing it
to move.

At the end of the One Year War, many of the more hardline Zabi loyalists in
the Zeon military fled to Axis. In the last of the MS Gundam movie trilogy,
Dozul Zabi's wife and child are sent to Axis after his death. Sometime
after the war, these Zeon remanants set Axis on a course for earth, though
it takes a long while to get there (the asteroid isn't very fast). When it
finally gets to earth (in Z and ZZ) Axis is used as the name of the faction
in addition to the name of the asteroid they are based on.

In 0083, Axis sends some of it's ships ahead to survey the situation in the
Earth Sphere (the Axis Advance Fleet). They don't really take any action,
but they do support the Delaz fleet by supplying the RMMA Neue Ziel
(RMMA=Ridiculously Massive Mobile Armor) and aggreeing to pick up the
survivors of Operation Stardust.


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