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> From: Alastair Warren
> Bearing in mind that I got into Gundam before Wing was broadcast
> (still haven't
> seen it), can someone please answer some questions I haven't
> quite figured out
> yet?
> 1) Exactly what is Axis?
> I kind of gather it's where the Zeon seperatist survivors
> fled to after OYW,
> but what is the "Axis Advance Fleet" out of 0083? Are they and
> the Delaz fleet
> just different factions of the survivors? One went to Axis,
> Delaz stayed closer
> to Earth?

Axis the astroid was a way station in the astroid belt for the Jupiter
Energy Fleet. It has a very large nuclear rocket engine which allows it to
move back to Earth Sphere.

Axis Forces is comprised mostly of remnant element of Dozul Zabi's Space
Attack Force, though they did pick up some of Kishiria Zabi's
scientists/engineer and men as well. Delaz's fleet comprised primarly of
Home Defense Fleet, which is a different faction, they operate out of the
debris filled Lagrange point between Earth and Moon. The Axis Advance Fleet
is served both as rear guard and advance intellegance gathering for Axis. I
gather that on their way to Axis, some ships were divert back towards Earth
Sphere to observe what happened. During the Operation Stardust, they were
somewhat neutral, with no direct involvement in the conflict. They did
supply Gato with the Mobile Armor Neul Ziel. Their primary mission at that
point is to pick up as much of the Delaz Fleet survivor and high tailed out
of Earth Sphere.

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