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>> >2) How many Gundams were actually produced?
>> >
>> > It seems to me that they were mostly just short run prototypes, a la the
>> >RX-78, or custom built models like the Nu Gundam. Apart from the RX-78(G)
>> were
>> >there ever multiple Gundams made? And if not, why keep making new models?
>> Gundam is actually a prototype to the infamous mass produced GM and
>> numerous other mass produced standard MS' like the Gun Cannon. So don't
>> whack the GM's or other grunt MS'. :)
> That explains a lot. I kind of got the impression from the movie edits that
>the "Gundam class" was abandonded in favour of the GM, hence no Gundams mass
>produced, but the GunCannon DID get mass produced. I was kind of wondering why
>updates of a "failed" proposed model kept turning up.......
>So, where did the Gundams out of 08 MS Team come from?
>Why mass produce a test bed?
>BTW, thanx for the answers. Still more questions.....

Ok, we've had this discussion a month or three ago. Here's the deal:

Apparently in Japan, you put all the cool stuff on the prototype, making it as tough as possible (ie, the Gundam). From there, you see what you can strip off to get a balance of performance vs. cost (hence, the GM, which some say stands for Gundam Massproduced, but nothing official has been said on this). Of each individual Gundam, usually only 1 or 2 were produced. The RX-79(G) being the exception here, and some also say (and I happen to agree) that the RGZ-91 ReGZ (Refined Gundam Zeta) was the other. And of course, the Gundam X series has them all over the place (I still love that opening scene with all those Gundams and all those colonies dropping on Earth, not realistic, but very exciting).

The RX-79(G)s (the Gundam from 08th MS Team), were made mostly from parts left over from the V Project's construction of early prototypes (which would be later taken into space). Kind of a lame excuse IMO, but a forgivable one as 08th MS Team is one of my favorite Gundam series.


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