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KurenaiJiku wrote:

> Axis to my knowledge is a seperate fleet aside from the Zion. They aren't
> part of Zion, but essentially they want the same thing; freedom for the
> spacenoids. They are mainly explained in Zeta and Double Zeta.

    Hard to find ;-( Got the first 20 eps of Zeta, love it and looking for more

> >2) How many Gundams were actually produced?
> >
> > It seems to me that they were mostly just short run prototypes, a la the
> >RX-78, or custom built models like the Nu Gundam. Apart from the RX-78(G)
> were
> >there ever multiple Gundams made? And if not, why keep making new models?
> Gundam is actually a prototype to the infamous mass produced GM and
> numerous other mass produced standard MS' like the Gun Cannon. So don't
> whack the GM's or other grunt MS'. :)

    That explains a lot. I kind of got the impression from the movie edits that
the "Gundam class" was abandonded in favour of the GM, hence no Gundams mass
produced, but the GunCannon DID get mass produced. I was kind of wondering why
updates of a "failed" proposed model kept turning up.......

So, where did the Gundams out of 08 MS Team come from?

Why mass produce a test bed?

BTW, thanx for the answers. Still more questions.....


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