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>1) Exactly what is Axis?
> I kind of gather it's where the Zeon seperatist survivors fled to
after OYW,
>but what is the "Axis Advance Fleet" out of 0083? Are they and the Delaz
>just different factions of the survivors? One went to Axis, Delaz stayed
>to Earth?

Axis to my knowledge is a seperate fleet aside from the Zion. They aren't
part of Zion, but essentially they want the same thing; freedom for the
spacenoids. They are mainly explained in Zeta and Double Zeta.

>2) How many Gundams were actually produced?
> It seems to me that they were mostly just short run prototypes, a la the
>RX-78, or custom built models like the Nu Gundam. Apart from the RX-78(G)
>there ever multiple Gundams made? And if not, why keep making new models?

Gundam is actually a prototype to the infamous mass produced GM and
numerous other mass produced standard MS' like the Gun Cannon. So don't
whack the GM's or other grunt MS'. :) They are actually RX-78's or older
Gundam models stripped down slightly and manufactured. To explain it more
explicitly...Gundam is a prototype for the next gen of mass produced MS.
Therefore they keep making more. That's why when G Gundam, Gundam Wing,
and especially Gundam X came along...Gundam became more of a profagandist
glamourized hero MS rather than an actual prototype MS. V Gundam was
probably the last since it's V-Buster variations seemed to be upgraded
versions of Gundam F91, F90 weapon systems, and Zeta Gundam. Still...the
bare V Gundam is a really nude mecha... ^^;; So puny; a tiny 14 metres

> erm... what's the newsgroup called again? My server doesn't carry it
>normally, and they won't subscribe unless I can tell them what it's called

Gundam Mailing List

Such a simple name...yet effective hehe.


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