Alastair Warren (
Sun, 14 May 2000 19:18:45 +1000

Bearing in mind that I got into Gundam before Wing was broadcast (still haven't
seen it), can someone please answer some questions I haven't quite figured out

1) Exactly what is Axis?

    I kind of gather it's where the Zeon seperatist survivors fled to after OYW,
but what is the "Axis Advance Fleet" out of 0083? Are they and the Delaz fleet
just different factions of the survivors? One went to Axis, Delaz stayed closer
to Earth?

2) How many Gundams were actually produced?

    It seems to me that they were mostly just short run prototypes, a la the
RX-78, or custom built models like the Nu Gundam. Apart from the RX-78(G) were
there ever multiple Gundams made? And if not, why keep making new models?


    erm... what's the newsgroup called again? My server doesn't carry it
normally, and they won't subscribe unless I can tell them what it's called ;-(


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