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0080 is a character story. It would be like ... hmm ... how to describe
it ... It's set in the Gundam universe, and has mobile suits, and Gundams,
and the same political factions, but the war or the technology aren't the
focus of the story. Rather they take a step back and look at how the war
is affecting relatively normal people.
When I first saw it, at which point 0083 and Wing was my only Gundam
exposure, I didn't really like it. I think I was expecting something of it
that wasn't there ... now after seeing the first third of Z Gundam, I have
a much greater appreciation for what happened, and one of these days I'm
going to have to go out and rent it again so I can watch it with a better
understanding of the UC storyline...

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> Is Gundam 0080 good? I don't see how something centered around a
> 10-year-old could be. What all is it about?
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