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Sat, 13 May 2000 08:15:36 -0700

Hey guys,

I stopped by Suncoast today and what did I see on the DVD rack, but
Gundam Wing operation one! I couldn't resist picking it up, despite the
fact that I already have the LDs. I've only watched the first 2 episodes
on the disc, but so far I'm quite impressed.

First off let me just say that this disc has the best subtitles on a DVD
since the Tenchi Muyo ultimate box! They are just as good as any VHS
subs. (whew) They did something with the subs that suprised me: The
opening song (and closing I assume...I forgot to look) on the second ep
is subbed in Romanji, fansub style!

The video quality is very nice and just as good as the Japanese 0080-83
DVDs. I haven't done a side by side with the LD yet but, from what I can
see this disc looks just as good if not better than the LD

The sound is pretty much the same as the LDs.

The credits list the Japanese Cast and Crew, and the Op and Ed songs and
animation are intact!!!

The menu is kinda neat, but a little cheesy too. There are some minor
extras such as Character info, and some really nice trailers for other
Bandai shows.

The packaging is the same keepcase used on Bandai's Japanese DVDs! You
also get a large card which has a Hologram of the Cover artwork on it!

Bandai has certainly shown us the love on this one! If your local store
has a copy GO GET IT NOW!!!

---Brett Jensen

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