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><< for example all of the Wing boys
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> Heero, Trowa, and Wufei are numbers? What languages?

The whole nine yards from the Gundam Wing FAQ

08. What's with this thing about naming characters after numbers?
Just as in Rayearth the characters are named after cars, in GW a majority of
the characters have names that come from number names in different
languages. Not all do, of course, and it seems to be that a majority of the
women in the series are not assigned these peculiar monikers (with one
prominent exception - see below.) So, for those of you who always wondered,
here is a run-down of the number name characters:
numeral chara name number name (language)
0 the Zero System: not a character,
but certainly a major player, nonetheless! zero (many languages)
01 Lady Une une (French)
01 Heero Yuy hii - short for hitotsu (Japanese)*
02 Duo Maxwell due (Italian) or duo (Latin for pair)
03 Trowa Barton trois (French)
04 Quatre Raberba Winner quatre (French)
05 Wu Fei wu (Chinese)
05 The Sank Kingdom
(also sometimes written as the Cinq Kingdom -
again not a character, but very important to the story) cinq (French)
06 Zechs Marquise sechs (German)
07 General Septum septus (Latin)
08 Otto acht (German)
09 Lucrezia Noin neun (German)
09 General Noventa noventus (Latin)
10 Dekim Barton decus (Latin)
13 Treize Khushrenada trieze (French)
15 Quinze quinze (French)
16 Sedici sedici (Italian)
20 General Venty vente (Spanish)
30 Trant trente (French)
1 billion Milliard Peacecraft miljard (Swedish)

submitted by Anthony
These are kind of cool and I haven't heard of them before - thanks, Anthony!

11 OZ contracted version of onze (French)
1000 Duke Dermail (Duc de Mille) mille (French)
OR 2000 Duke Dermail (duex mille) deux mille (French)

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