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that they can =)
Most characters are named after numbers, for example all of the Wing boys
name is actually a number (in some language), and that number corresponds
with their Side, and the Unit number of their Gundam. Go read the back
articles in rec.arts.anime.misc for a comprehensive discussion of numerology
in Gundam Wing.
Likewise for the Mobile Suites ... other than for giving it a consistent
naming theme, I doubt there was any reasoning behind naming them after
astrological signs.

> > I just noticed that in Gundam Wing there are alot of characters with
> > French numbers as names. Quatre and Treize are 4 and 13. Does anyone
> know
> > the official spelling of leader of White Fang's name(Kanz). If it's
> Quinze
> > then that's yet another french number. Also is the "Sank" Kingdom
> > Sank or Cinq? I find it quite strange that so many people are named
> > numbers. Out of all the things you can name people.
> > It does allow for some funny events in my French class though.
> Whenever
> >
> > the number 4 is said, all the Gundam fans in the room yell
> > Well, just wanted to see if anyone else noticed this.
> Yeah, I noticed that too. The official spelling is Quinze too, I
> Or at least it was in the Japanese version. Not sure about Sank / Cinq,
> that's interesting. And aside for all the usage of numbers, there's a
> lotta horoscope signs. Libra, Aries, Cancer, Leo, Pisces, Virgo, yadda
> I wonder whats up with this and the French numbers.. Anyone know?
> ~Gokou
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