James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Sat, 13 May 2000 14:37:30 -0800

>>What would you have done diffently to ensure victory? A second colony drop?
>>Assign different commanders to vital posts? (ex. make Delaz commander of
>>Earth Assault Forces instead of Garma) What? I really would like to know.
>>Also, tell us why your changes would have worked.
>Keep General Revil from escaping after the Battle of Ruum. That
>way, he can't give his Zeon is Exhausted speech to rally the
>Federation and the Feds would have concluded a peace settlement in
>Antarctica rather than fighting on.

That was the big mistake, letting Revil get away.

I wonder if Giren really was totally in charge though? It seems that
Degin was running things until Garma's death left him depressed
enough so that Giren could muscle his way into control. I don't think
I would have attacked earth, at least not until Luna II was taken and
all fed presence removed from space. Then I would have sat up in
orbit and kept bombing the surface until the feds got tired and
agreed to a zeon favorable treaty (like Nato in Kosovo). Let the
earthnoids do what they want on earth. Just as long as the keep their
tribute payments coming, and they never leave the surface.


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