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<< Ok, how about this... I know that Bandai will probably never listen to any
 us... but I want to know what mecha designs you'd love to see made into a
 kit. It has probably been asked before, but I'm just curious. >>

Well for me, HG updates of all Gundam kits that aren't or will be HG UC kits.
But more realstically, I just want HG versions of kits that are crappy. I
want an HG UC RX-78 Gundam and any Gundam Wing mecha that are not HG kits.

Here's what I really want, MSiA's of the major and minor mecha, that do not
have MSiA's. Bandai can pump out almost every Gundam mecha as SD kits, so I
want the same for MSiA's.


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