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<< But for Power Rangers, at least, they knew they had tons of episodes they
 could create from the tons of different series that they had in Japan. With
 GW that's all you get. Unless they decide to push the other Gundam shows.
 And even with Power Rangeers, the toys were horribly Understocked at first.
 Now they are overstocked. ;P >>

    Yep, I know. I meant for another Gundam show, if it comes to the US,
Bandai needs to release the kits and toys during the Gundam shows run.

   See, couldn't Bandai release the kits and the action figures(MSiA's) at
the same time, during the shows run?

  Wonder if the original MSG series will be released in the US next? They
have alot of 0079 MSiA's already and all Bandai has to do is put them in a US
package. Although, there isn't a full updated line of 0079 mecha kits, just
the HGUC GunCannon, GunTank, Z'Gok, Gog and Gouf. They gotta make an HG UC
RX-78, Zaku II, Char's Zaku, Zaku I (this is in 0079, right?), Gelgoog, etc.
if they want to release 0079, the series, in the US.

  They GW kits are even sold out at HLJ, that means GW is very popular in the
US. Bandai would be stupid to not try another Gundam series in the US.


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