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Hello! Another 1/144 fan!

> I know there are numerous MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam kits out there, but I
> was wondering which is the best in 1/144 scale? I'm mainly in it for
> looks, I'm not concerned about Wave Rider mode, transformability is
> not an issue for me. I just want something that looks good in Mobile
> Suit mode.

If you can still find the May/2000 of HJ, you can see a 2-page article
with the whole genealogy of Zeta Gundam injection kit, from the first
1/220 non-transforming to the 1/60 Perfect Grade. At 1/144, you have a
choice between the 1985 original (non-transforming) or the 1990 HG
transforming kit. A few observations:

- Original will require a lot more painting
- HG has greenish white (better known as puke green) instead of solid
  white plastice
- HG has true system injection (multi-colour parts), which is a Godsend or
  a curse depending on your opus operandi
- overall I like the proportions and detailing of the HG better, but
  that's subjective
- HG has some extra panel lines
- transforming models generally has to make compromises, but HG has 5 more
  years technology and stylistic progress going for it
- one such compromise is that in MS mode, the wings points toward the aft
  direction instead of the inward/spine direction, i.e.

    HG Orig

    | | - -

Can't comment on stability of either MS or MA mode of HG, if the MG has so
much trouble as some GMLers complain about, I imagine HG won't be better,
but if you don't need transformation, you can easily fix up many problems.
If you are a very lazy painter, I would suggest HG since the HJ pic of an
unpainted HG looks pretty decent. It actually got me itching to buy the
HG also, but I am definitely going to paint over that puke green.

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