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   Yeah, I hope so to. They better release the kits DURING the shows first
 run, not at TRU's in California and nowhere else for almost 7 months, then
 releasethem nationwide. Even TRU's Nationwide isn't enough, as Bandai missed
 stores like Wal-Market, K-Mart, etc. Does Bandai know how to market stuff in
 the US? It seems Power Rangers and DigiMon are the only lines that Bandai
 seems to have a clue about in the US.
But for Power Rangers, at least, they knew they had tons of episodes they
could create from the tons of different series that they had in Japan. With
GW that's all you get. Unless they decide to push the other Gundam shows.
And even with Power Rangeers, the toys were horribly Understocked at first.
Now they are overstocked. ;P


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