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At 22:26 05/12/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>>>It's actually an R-1A. Shin Matsunaga's is a R-1 variant, which is older.
>>>Johnny Ridden has a R-2 variant, which is the best of the lot.
>> Thanks. For some reason, the white R-2 didn't really appeal to me.
>The white one is R-1. The R-2 is the red one with extra armor on the legs.

        Opps. Thanks for the correction. I'm not too sure I've seen the R-2
in this case; don't recall seeing a red R type..

>> Well, if they come out with the Gouf Custom, they may come out with
>>the Flight Type too, since it will reuse at least 60% of the mold.
>That'd be cool... although I'd much rather get the original Gouf myself.

        Personally, the Gouf Custom is growing on me. I may get it to play
around with it. =)

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