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<< 1. Are they the MSiA Gundam Wing figures?
I am 95% sure they are, in one of the pics the little card says they are 4.5
inches tall and will be avaiable in July. They look almost excatly like
MSiA's. It makes no business sense if they are not, as it would cost more to
make seperate kinds of figures, when MSiA's are fine for the US market.

 2. Did the MSiA Gundam Wing figures come in the rectangular window
 boxes when they were released in Japan?

I do not know, as they are not out in Japan yet either. I don't know why
people keep thinking they are out in Japan, because if they where, HLJ would
have them plastered on the Main Page, right? :)
 3. Other than possible package variations are the MsiA Gudam Wing
 figures released in America and Japan the same? >>

  Most likely. Did you look at the E3 pics of them someone posted? They are
in a very nice, but standard US action figure fare blister card with pics of
the other GW figs on the back of the card. Unless they change the MSiA
Japanese package for the GW figs, they will most likely be in the standard
MSiA package.


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