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Fri, 12 May 2000 23:43:48 MST

> > As for non-Gundam, I've assembled some of the 1/144 Macross kits.
> > they're not very impressive when compared to the Gundam Wing 1/144s I've
> > done (much less an MG model). My latest HLJ order includes an Ingram
> > which looks pretty good (one of my friends liked it) but I haven't
> > around to it quite yet. (hey, 1.5 MGs in one day is pretty good!)
> >
>Hmmm I'm just looking at the Patlabor kits on HLJ... In one spot it says
>Snap assembly and color molded plastic, but another says it requires paint
>and glue to complete? What's the scoop?

Well, I opened up the box and looked at the runners of parts. It's
basically molded in black and white. Since only a few small details on an
Ingram aren't either black or white, there shouldn't be very much to paint,
though some of the detail work may be a little difficult. It's been ages
since I painted anything, and I'm thinking about doing the Ingram to try and
get into practice before I try any weathering on my MG Gundam models (I want
to give my Zaku a used look).

>Other than that, how do they look? Watching Patlabor OVA2 has rekindled my
>interest in the series, and frankly, the Ingrams are pretty damned cool
>looking. Other than Gundam and Macross, Patlabor has some of my favorite
>designs. And heck .. if these _are_ snap assembly, 800 or 1000 yen is
>darned affordable. How tall are they once assembled?

Like I said before, I haven't had a chance to build it yet, but it looks
like it'd be snap assembly. Bandai convienently printed the Ingrams specs
on the box. Since an Ingram's 8.02 meters high (pretty short compared to a
Gundam) and it's a 1/60 scale model, it should come out to around 13cm or
about the same height as a 1/144 scale Gundam model. One neat feature are
these rubbery, wrinkled, "sleeves" which cover the arm and leg joints of the
finished model (they're just like the shoulders of the MG Alex).

Overall, just looking at the instructions and the unassembled kit, I'd have
to say it looks like a better quality model than the 1/144 GW kits I've

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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