Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 12 May 2000 23:21:30 -0700

>Hmmm I'm just looking at the Patlabor kits on HLJ... In one spot it says
>Snap assembly and color molded plastic, but another says it requires paint
>and glue to complete? What's the scoop?

The Patlabor kits definitely require painting. Don't remember if they
were snap-fit or not though...

>Other than that, how do they look?

Ugly, if not painted.

>Watching Patlabor OVA2 has rekindled my
>interest in the series, and frankly, the Ingrams are pretty damned cool
>looking. Other than Gundam and Macross, Patlabor has some of my favorite
>designs. And heck .. if these _are_ snap assembly, 800 or 1000 yen is pretty
>darned affordable. How tall are they once assembled?

About as tall as the 1/144 OYW suits - probably a bit taller.


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