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> > I assume it will have a Leo, Virgo, Virgo II, Cancer, almost all GW
> mecha,
> > since it said something about 20 robots in it.
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> > If its done right, this will blow Endless Duel away!
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> > Aaron
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> Well let's see if we can figure this out, logically.
> Gundam Battle Master 2 had the following piloting MS's:
> Z (Zeta) Gundam, ZZ (Zeta Zeta) Gundam, Zaku II & Zaku S, Gundam, GPO2A,
> The-O, Quin Mantha, AcGuy, Hygog, Hamma Hamma, Qubeley, Ziong, Sazabi,
> Bygzam, Neue~Ziel, Psycho Gundam Mk III, Ball, Hydra Gundam, U~Gundam
> (according to anyway)
> So, a good selection of both Zion and Federation MS's, so we can assume
> we're not going to just have 15 Gundams (all 3 versions of Gundam) and a
> handful of baddies. Let's further narrow things down and assume that EW
> gundam's won't be present.
> Looking at the Mechadomain's list, we have the following possibilities:
> Taurus, Maganac, Oliphant, Wing Zero, Wing, Deathscythe, Deathscythe Hell,
> Heavy Arms, Heavy Arms Custom, Shen Long, Altron, Sandrock, Sandrock
> Tallgeese, Tallgeese II, Tragos, Virgo, Virgo II, Leo, Aries, Cancer,
> Pisces, Epyon, Vayeate, and Mercurius.
> So that's 25, pretty close to our expected 20. It's probably safe to
> eliminate the Oliphant and the Tragos (hell, I didn't even know they're
> names till I looked this up). Ditto for the mobile dolls, so bye bye Virgo
> and Virgo II. Unless there are water levels, we can eliminate the water
> types, Pisces and Cancer. So we're down to 19 without making any wild
> assumptions.
> However, if we _do_ include the Endless Waltz MS's, we need to include the
> Tallgeese III, Wing Zero, Deathscythe Hell, Heavyarms Custom, Altron,
> Sandrock, and the Serpent, putting us up to 26.
> A bit high, so let's knock off the Maganac, Heavy Arms Custom from GW
> than being spacetype and the extra chaingun, its pretty much the same),
> the Sandrock Custom from GW (virtually identical, other than its space
> mods). We could also eliminate the Tallgeese II as it might be a color
> shifted "hidden character" or somesuch since its essentially a repaint of
> the Tallgeese. So we get 23 here.
> A strong possibility for those 19 if they don't include EW MS's, and 23 if
> they do. Sounds good to me.
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maybe the Leos can finally stop being cannon fodders now. God I love those


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