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> I assume it will have a Leo, Virgo, Virgo II, Cancer, almost all GW
> since it said something about 20 robots in it.
> If its done right, this will blow Endless Duel away!
> Aaron
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Well let's see if we can figure this out, logically.

Gundam Battle Master 2 had the following piloting MS's:

Z (Zeta) Gundam, ZZ (Zeta Zeta) Gundam, Zaku II & Zaku S, Gundam, GPO2A,
The-O, Quin Mantha, AcGuy, Hygog, Hamma Hamma, Qubeley, Ziong, Sazabi,
Bygzam, Neue~Ziel, Psycho Gundam Mk III, Ball, Hydra Gundam, U~Gundam
(according to anyway)

So, a good selection of both Zion and Federation MS's, so we can assume that
we're not going to just have 15 Gundams (all 3 versions of Gundam) and a
handful of baddies. Let's further narrow things down and assume that EW
gundam's won't be present.

Looking at the Mechadomain's list, we have the following possibilities:
Taurus, Maganac, Oliphant, Wing Zero, Wing, Deathscythe, Deathscythe Hell,
Heavy Arms, Heavy Arms Custom, Shen Long, Altron, Sandrock, Sandrock Custom,
Tallgeese, Tallgeese II, Tragos, Virgo, Virgo II, Leo, Aries, Cancer,
Pisces, Epyon, Vayeate, and Mercurius.

So that's 25, pretty close to our expected 20. It's probably safe to
eliminate the Oliphant and the Tragos (hell, I didn't even know they're
names till I looked this up). Ditto for the mobile dolls, so bye bye Virgo
and Virgo II. Unless there are water levels, we can eliminate the water
types, Pisces and Cancer. So we're down to 19 without making any wild

However, if we _do_ include the Endless Waltz MS's, we need to include the
Tallgeese III, Wing Zero, Deathscythe Hell, Heavyarms Custom, Altron,
Sandrock, and the Serpent, putting us up to 26.

A bit high, so let's knock off the Maganac, Heavy Arms Custom from GW (other
than being spacetype and the extra chaingun, its pretty much the same), and
the Sandrock Custom from GW (virtually identical, other than its space
mods). We could also eliminate the Tallgeese II as it might be a color
shifted "hidden character" or somesuch since its essentially a repaint of
the Tallgeese. So we get 23 here.

A strong possibility for those 19 if they don't include EW MS's, and 23 if
they do. Sounds good to me.

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