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At 21:47 05/12/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>It's actually an R-1A. Shin Matsunaga's is a R-1 variant, which is older.
>Johnny Ridden has a R-2 variant, which is the best of the lot.

        Thanks. For some reason, the white R-2 didn't really appeal to me.

>Maybe PG then... hehehe.

        <shudder> Too expensive for my blood, thank you very much.

>> I guess the only MG after that would be a G3. Never did liked the
>>bright cherry colours of the RX-78-2, but the G3 does appeal to me.
>How easy to find is this kit? I haven't seen it a lot after it was first

        Well, it's not as common as the R-1A, but I can find it. Not a lot
of people seem to like it.

>> True. Maybe Bandai will be nice enough to include the sniper rifle
>>in the GM kit?
>If they don't, there's not much point in releasing the kit then.

        Actually, Bandai can do the following: Include the missile launcher
in the standard GM kit, and include the sniper rifle (with cool cables,
coolant lines, yadda) with the sniper kit.

        Shrug. If it happens, it happens.

>The HGUC kit is the original Gouf piloted by Ramba Ral. Now Gouf Custom
>might have a better shot since it was only released as a 1/144 08th MS Team
>kit, much like the RX-79(G).

        Well, if they come out with the Gouf Custom, they may come out with
the Flight Type too, since it will reuse at least 60% of the mold.

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