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""For fans of Japanese anime or giant mech robots, Bandai's booth was one of
the hot spots of the show. The company had three PlayStation games on display
at the show that were in playable form that surely pleased fans of those
things. The game on display that will see a release first will be the
upcoming role-playing game based on the popular Digimon characters, called
Digimon World. Digimon World is currently slated for release during the first
week of July at the latest and Bandai is already experiencing phenomenal
pre-sale figures on the game.
In the forth quarter of this year, the company expects to ship its latest
PlayStation Gundam-based game, which is titled Gundam Wing Battle Master.
This game will be a Gundam game that is based on the old battle master games
and will have over 20 different robots available to fight with. It should
feature a deep fighting system with armor that falls off when damaged and
tons of cool special effects and graphical goodness.

Coming next in Bandai's 2000 lineup is Countdown Vampires, which is slated
for a mid-June release on PlayStation. After that, the company expects to
ship Digimon World II, which is the sequel to the first Digimon World that
will feature over 200 Digimon characters, which is 120 more than the original
game. What's more, players will be able to combine Digimon to create super
characters and fighting engine will be enhanced to allow three on three
battles. Digimon World II is currently slated for a Q1 2001 release on

And finally, the company expects to release its latest PlayStation
Gundam-based game, which is titled Gundam Wing Battle Master, to ship after
Digimon World II in Q1 2001.

--Dave Zdyrko""


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