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> Axis is the only asteroid shown to have a gravity block system.
> Yes, there
> could be gravity blocks in all of the large asteroid bases. Luna 2 is an
> oblate spheroid and could well have a gravity block at its center. Ditto
> Solomon, at the intersection of the six lobes. A'Bao'A'Qu has a spheroid
> grafted to a cone, so the placement seems obvious here, too.
> But, to my knowledge, no such gravity block has ever been cited
> for any of
> them.

That brings up a point, Jupitoris, Paptimus Scirocco's He3 transport ship
has a gravity block system, right? I can't forsee Paptimus showing up at
the beganning of Zeta, driving that overpowering mobile suit Messala while
spending his entire 18 months journey in Zero G. And for that matter,
probably all of the Jupiter Energy Fleet's long haul ship has gravity block

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