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<< Overall it seems quite flimsy, compared to the GM Custom. This is
 due to the core fighter configuration. The designers did a good job making
 the core fighter fold up into a space 1/3 it's normal space, but some of the
 parts are just too small for it to be really stable. I think they would
 have been better if they'd provided parts for both the core block and core
 fighter configurations, rather than trying for a single transformable unit.
 I've also got to say that the arm/shoulder design doesn't seem very good. >>

I have the same problems with my GP 01 when I built it as well. Its very
unstable. I think a Core block option would have helped as well. I like the
core fighter idea, but it would have been nice to have a core block, so I
could display the Gundam AND its core fighter.

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