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Fri, 12 May 2000 18:50:51 MST

Today my friendly neighborhood UPS driver brought me a present, my HLJ
order. It included both a MG Alex and a MG GP01. Since I already assembled
a MG GM Custom, which is almost exactly the same as the Alex, I thought I'd
start with the GP01.

That was about 9:30 this morning and I've just finished up now. Subtract
the breaks and total assembly time is about 7 hours. I had a pretty good
time putting it together, but my impressions of the assembled model are less
than spectacular.

Overall it seems quite flimsy, compared to the GM Custom. This is probably
due to the core fighter configuration. The designers did a good job making
the core fighter fold up into a space 1/3 it's normal space, but some of the
parts are just too small for it to be really stable. I think they would
have been better if they'd provided parts for both the core block and core
fighter configurations, rather than trying for a single transformable unit.
I've also got to say that the arm/shoulder design doesn't seem very good.

Overall, the GP01 doesn't seem as good as either of the other MGs I've built
(Zaku II and GM Custom).

Now on to the Alex.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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