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At 08:14 05/12/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
>> True. Maybe Bandai will be nice enough to include the sniper rifle
>>in the GM kit?
>We can only hope.

        You'll excuse me for not holding my breath, I hope. =)

>> Come to think of it.. what Zeon MS can they build into an MG MS? A
>>Gouf Custom? That's a HGUC already..
>Well, personally I'd like to see the Kampfer, but I'm not holding my breath.
> Maybe some of the Gelgoog/Dom variants you mentioned. For that matter, no
>one has even mentioned any bad guy suits from any of the other UC series
>(like Z or ZZ) for the MG treatment. What are the Mk. II and Zeta going to
>fight anyway?

        Actually, I was wondering what Zeon MS Bandai can get from the
08MST, but your point is valid. Whenever I look at my Mk. II and my Zaku II
F/J standing there, something just isn't *right* there. =)

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